La Cuisine


The website is realized with the Open-Source Content Management System TYPO3. The project includes several domains, that are all served by one server and only one installation of TYPO3. Beside Muli-Domain-Support the websites also will be shown in two language versions when the customer has done all required translations. For the two features multi-language-support and multi-domain-support TYPO3 is perfect while other Systems like WordPress just struggle at least concerning different languages even some available extensions try to solve the challenge. Many ideas with technical challenges have been implemented, not all are shown on the page because the customer overthought his own ideas.

Here are some of the most important visible features:

  • On the main-page of each domain a graphic with talking-bubble is shown. As screenreaders i.e. for blind people can't read images, the Graphic was implemented as vector-file where the text is still accessible.
  • TYPO3 was used in the most recent version. The system is available and maintained in two branches where for the older one are still more extensions available but the newer branch is more future orientated and more MVC-driven (MVC = Model View Controller, an abstract type of programming).
  • The template is completely individual related to the desires of the customer. Individual sections and layout are possible by implementation of a grid-view with more than common optional cols (18) and by the extension gridelements which serves as container for other content-elements. Depending on configuration gridelements allows very individual configuration of each single container-element and the including content-elements.
  • Several slideshows with different base of content.
  • Modern Page-Template that allows responsive design (best view on each device) which is partially implemented already.
  • All server-settings for the websites as well as for e-mails have been realized by me, David Bruchmann. Domains on different servers have been moved to one server, therefore one installation and configuration of TYPO3 can be used for all domains.

Our part of the work

In short:

All technical parts and many translations have been done by us.

Design has been realized by Reza Fahdi, the Designer of La Cuisine.


All involved domains seem being offline, the state of the customers' business is unknown.


  • My wife Sophie Barlian (Translations).
  • Me, David Bruchmann for all technical issues.
  • Reza Fahdi, Designer of La Cuisine.
  • Riany Linardi, Owner of La Cuisine (Ideas for Design and Content).
  • Wulan Resnisari, Leader of La Cuisine Event (Content and translations).