Star Security Pratama


The website is realized in two languages with the most recent version of the Open-Source Content Management System TYPO3. Design and Layout are adjusted exactly to the customers Ideas and primary are intended to fit to a printed catalog. Images and Photos have been available only in low quality by scanning printed material. The logo and some decorative elements have been created new.

Some technical features:

Layout is realized by a grid-view with more than common optional cols (18) and by the extension gridelements which can serve as container for other content-elements.

Slideshow with content of one folder. Like this the Slideshow can be changed easily by adding or removing elements.

Modern Page-Template that allows responsive design (best view on each device) which is partially implemented already.

Our part of the work:

In short: every technical and translations completely have been done by us.

Design has been adjusted in short time to the customers ideas.

State: The websites is online and can be seen public.


Sophie Barlian (Translations).

David Bruchmann for all technical issues and Graphics.

Rendi G. of Star Security Pratama (Ideas for Design and Content).